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Lunchtime doodling faces

I’ve been substitute teaching for a little over a month now. After one particularly long day as basically a study hall monitor for seniors at the high school, I started bringing my sketchbook with me. Some lunchtime doodling from last week:

lunchtime doodling

Since that long day, I have been back to teaching the younger grades, mostly 1st and 2nd graders. Kids that age take my full attention and leave me pretty drained by the end of the day. During my 20 minute breaks for lunch, after eating, I’ve done a little lunchtime doodling.

It has made me realize how stiff and out of practice I’ve gotten since I got out of my morning warm-up doodling habit.

Recently I came across a youtube channel boasting “life” drawing sessions. I need to make this a regular part of my artistic exercises. I put the word life in quotes because, even if the model is live, the screen is still a 2 dimensional image. Nothing can replace the actual drawing from life. But, I’m hopeful that this will become a workable alternative for my need to practice accurate anatomy. (https://www.youtube.com/user/onairvideo/videos)

Leave a comment on what you do for your anatomy practice.

Time to do a bit of house cleaning

Time to do a bit of house cleaning

By a bit of house cleaning, I mean updating my blog header avatar.

Back in May, when I was preparing for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, I realized my little girl on the paintbrush was too small to use for my banner. As time was at a premium to get the banner printed, I scrambled and selected a piece of art from one of the prints I would be selling. Not optimal, but workable. I promised myself, when I had more time, I’d redo the avatar in a larger file, one that would be big enough to use for print options such as a banner.

Fast forward to late September, I decided I had some time to attack that bit of house cleaning. I opened up the old of my girl on a paintbrush avatar and promptly decided she was no longer representative of my current working style and skill. Checking the date, I realized she was over 5 years old.

So the bit of house cleaning suddenly became a full on endeavor. I needed to start from scratch. Almost.

Here’s the older version:

wendymartinillustration.com masthead art She’s okay, but like I said, not truly representative of my art any longer.

I kept the basic design idea, but not much else.

Below are my progress shots of the new girl. Her line work was created in Adobe Illustrator, then printed out on 300lb Richardson cold press watercolor paper. Once painted, I scanned the image and did final editing and touch up in Adobe Photoshop. I was less than thrilled with the Richardson paper. The sizing made strange blooms and the crispness I’ve come to expect from the paper I usually use was missing. At some point, when I have time for another bit of house cleaning, I’ll probably revisit the painting portion on my fav paper.


screenshotavatar2014inking IMG_0187avatarWMI2014 fullIMG_0189avatarWMI2014 fullIMG_0190avatarWMI2014 fullimagecoloravatarWMI2014 finalcoloravatarWMI2014