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Out the Kitchen Window

Sleeping Squirrel

We have a friendly squirrel that has discovered we are a plentiful supplier of yummy nuts, fruits and bread. When we start our day, he comes over to see what interesting and succulent tidbits that he can cram into his tummy we have left for his breakfast. Normally he will sit at the kitchen window and peak in at us until we bring his breakfast out. Then he’ll jump off the porch and head out on the lawn a safe distance till we go back inside.

Yesterday morning, being a Sunday, and a late rising one for a change, we didn’t come downstairs as early as we usually do. Mr. Squirrel must have fallen asleep while waiting for us to bring him his breakfast! :))

All I can say, is isn’t it wonderful that the wildlife is so comfortable in our yard. (Sorry if the picture is fuzzy, the screen in the kitchen window blurs it a bit.)

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