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Sushi and Presents

The longest night of the year passed peacefully here with the DH and DD.

We drove up to the city and had sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant. The DD has developed quite a taste for smelt roe and white tuna and managed to snatch both my portions and my husband’s portions of said fishies.

I think we inhaled the fish faster than it took to prepare it. Anyway it was consumed at breakneck speed and now I will have to wait for another “occasion” to have any. Probably February, you know, valentine’s day and all is as good an excuse as any to eat horribly expensive food. :blush:

After we ate and drove home we celebrated a subdued Yule with incense and the opening of presents. Since the DD is a teenager now, we went with quality instead of quantity. She is a strange child, no lists, no hints and oddly enough was perfectly happy with her small pile. Actually, since Mom is sneaky, I’d have to say she was overjoyed with her gifts. Back in October we went clothes shopping since, being a kid, she has this distressing habit of outgrowing stuff on a regular basis. We saw a velvet coat she fell in love with but I told her it was too much money and she couldn’t have it. I went back for it later that week.

Meanwhile, I continue work on my next picture book, Watchers. The text has been through the final critique group and is finalized. I am busy working on the cover art. If all goes as planned I will post a preview of the cover here early in January.

An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child and Aidan’s Fist Full Moon Circle are still readily available as autographed copies directly from me at either Magical Child Books Store or Magickware. Make sure you remember to let me know who to autograph the books to! Both books are also available through your local booksellers. Just ask them to order them for you.

I hear my paints and brushes calling my name, so it’s back to the drafting table for me!

Until next time,

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1 thought on “Sushi and Presents”

  1. Sushi for Solstice! Brett would be jealous.

    We used the same method to pick out our boys gifts, except for Sterling’s. He pays way too much attention to the state of our bank account for that to work with him. But the little ones got the Legos we told them we could never afford.

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