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Happy March everybody!

Spring is just around the corner, and after the snow we had this year, I am just about ready for it. In a little over a week Ostara will be upon us. This year will be especially powerful as the Full Moon falls on the following day.

This month’s coloring page; the “F” installment of the Lessor Known Goddesses ABCs will feature Flidais, an Irish woodland Goddess. I will be drawing that out this afternoon, so expect your new coloring page by week’s end. It usually takes me several days to get the page perfected.

Speaking of “perfected” my third picture book “Watchers” is currently in production. I put the finishing touches on the last painting on Saturday evening. It took me slightly longer than I anticipated since I had two very important occasions to celebrate last week. One was my daughter’s birthday. Rabbit has turned 14. It’s so hard to believe that the little girl from my first book is all grown up (almost) but she’ll be off to high school next year. We celebrated with my elder daughter, the younger son and the two grandchildren and a nephew. We ate Mexican.

The other bit of news, which will actually mean something more to you that my daughter’s birthday is the next book. I have joined forces with SJ Tucker (http://www.skinnywhitechick.com) to illustrate her marvelous mythological tale “Rabbit’s Song.” She co-authored the story with her dear friend and High Priestess Trudy of “In the House of Mama Dragon” fame. We expect the book to make it’s appearance in about a year.

Watchers is now available for pre-order on Amazon or through Magical Child Books web site (http://www.handcraftedpagan.com/shop/ ). All books purchased through the Magical Child Books’ shopping cart will be autographed, so make sure you let me know who to make the autographs out to when you order yours. Books will be shipped as soon as they arrive.

In other news, “Aidan’s First Full Moon Circle” will be featured in New Age Retailer in Shelf Life – Early Lessons due out in the Spring 2008 issue. Plus, after a couple of set backs, and scrambling to find a qualified teacher, I am proud to announce that the promised teaching guide (http://handcraftedpagan.com/magicalchild/aidanguide.html) for “Aidan’s First Full Moon Circle” is now available on my web site. The teaching guide covers all US school based curriculum requirements and includes a moon based craft at the end. Perfect for home schoolers and Moon Schools. My undying thanks goes out to Natalie Zaman, a NJ Certified Teacher (English K-12), of Broomstix.com for stepping so gracefully into the gap left by my previous guide writer.

If you haven’t heard of Broomstix before, it’s an e-zine for Pagan kids (http://www.broomstix.com ). It comes out around each Sabbat and includes all kinds of wonderful stories, crafts and activities. I will be the features author in their Litha issue. More on that in future updates.

Those of you in the St. Louis area I will be making several appearances:

March 30 1:30-2:30 pm
Story time for families (Free)
Pathways 11419 Concord Village Avenue, St. Louis, MO
call (314) 842-0047 or visit http://www.pathwaysstl.com for direction

April 5 All Day
Spirit Awakening (April 4-6)
The Days Inn, Alton, IL
visit the web site for details http://www.spiritawaken.org/
I’ll be doing book signings all day and giving a workshop – Sacred Art: Creations for Worship and Healing
Also appearing are Ellen Dugan and Mickie Mueller, among others.

April 8 7-9 pm
Sacred Art: Creations for Worship and Healing ($15 pre registration required)
Pathways 11419 Concord Village Avenue, St. Louis, MO
call (314) 842-0047 or visit http://www.pathwaysstl.com for direction

And finally, I am on both myspace and covenspace. If you are there, send me a friend request!

Bright Blessings,

Watchers, Aidan’s First Full Moon Circle and An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child
Magical Child Books – http://handcraftedpagan.com

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