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Growing Older

The beginning of the month I was initiated into Cronehood. It was amazing and peaceful and the year of planning and waiting finally ended.

Today, I sent my baby off to high school. Well, she’s not a baby any more, obviously. But still, I miss her small head laid in my lap and her requests for me to “scratch my belly, Mommy.” Now-a-days she spends most of her free time with friends or holed up in her room writing fan fic on her lap top. She’s awesomely talented, by the way.

It seems so hard to believe that this is the same girl I wrote and illustrated my first book for. She was my model and my inspiration for An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child which came out in 2005 as a paperback.

It took me so long to find a publisher for that first book, she out grew it before it was ever printed.

Still, the last thing she said to me this morning as she poked her head back in the door on her way to school this morning was “Get to work on your pictures!” She is still an inspiration. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming. *snif*

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