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Daily Doodle July 11, 2009

I did, indeed, venture out into the world to the writer’s group. They welcomed me with open arms, especially after discovering I had had books previously published.

The attendance was quite small compared to the meeting I remember, but they seemed to be genuinely committed to writing. There were piles of print-outs for contests and such-not to pick up.

Even though I was welcomed, I do not think I will be going back. The members seemed to be very focused on Christian writing. Several of the contests were for Christian places and the speaker for the day was also a Christian writer. (published, by a vanity press that couldn’t even be bothered to make a professional looking web site.)

I stayed through the reading shares. The daily doodle is of the three people who shared and I am almost too embarrassed to post it. It has been so incredibly long since I drew anything from life (I usually use photo reference) and my long absence from this skill area is woefully obvious.


The last woman to read was up and down so fast I didn’t get much done beyond a start to her face.

I shared my PB WIP, which is supposed to be quite humorous. At least everyone else I have read it for has found it funny. Not one of the writer’s group even cracked a smile. It was a bit unnerving. After the reading, there was a break in the meeting and one woman did come up to tell me she really enjoyed the story. Another woman asked for an in/advice on getting published. I gave her the URL to SCBWI. Several more people asked me about getting published, but I really have no magic answer and felt very put on the spot.

After the break was over, there was a business meeting. Typical stuff of groups. I sat through that and tried to be helpful. After the business stuff there was another short break and then they were to introduce the speaker. Since his work seemed to focus on Christian writing, I figured his talk would as well. I decided it would be best for me to leave before he began, as I was already feeling uncomfortable and out of place.

It would be extremely limiting for me to be a member of this group since so much of my work is focused on Wicca and Paganism. Somehow, I don’t think they would welcome that with open arms.

*sigh* Well, at least I made an effort.

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