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Daily Doodle Aug 19


I can’t believe that the summer is nearly over and the children are headed back to school. Yesterday was open house at the high school. Tomorrow my baby starts 10th grade.

And as if to rub my nose in the fact that I am not quite needed any more, today she is going to the mall with her friends. In her friend’s car. With said friend driving. I am nervous about this jaunt. It’s the first time I have let her go on the highway with a non-adult driver. O_o

Not much else is going on. I will be working on web site edits the rest of this week after finishing up a few more illustrations.

Next week I will give my school visits section of my web site my full attention, as well as the companion print brochure which I will begin mailing out to schools after Labor Day.

Most of my time right now is spent on the waiting game. Waiting for replies to emails, returns to phone calls, waiting for checks to arrive in the mail, waiting for my daughter to get home. I guess my task is to become a connoisseur of patience.

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