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Daily Doodle Nov 10


The day has been clogged with repair men and waiting. I don’t know what it is about me, but I don’t like to start a project when I know I will be interrupted by people coming to the house and wanting me to answer questions. Seriously, what can be more disturbing to the creative process than having a stranger man in the basement playing with a washing machine.

At least I only had to pay for the service call. The machine is fine. It seems that when the Roto Rooter guy was out last week to fix the stopped up drain, something clogged the drain tube for the washer. So right after I wrote the check for the repair man to tell me my washer was fine, (Ouch!) I got on the phone with Roto Rooter again. That was lunch time. The time for the repair guy to arrive was between 2 and 4. It’s 4 now. He’s not here. I got a call from him at 2:30 saying  he’d be here in 45 minutes.

I feel as if I have wasted an entire day. I am not amused. I had better not have to pay for a service call for them to fix what was working before they came out here in the first place.

Did I mention I am not amused?

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