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Kitchen renovation – the Saga begins

Last weekend the hubby and I went and signed paperwork and put the down payment on all the work to be done to bring our kitchen into the 21st century. Right now it has to be at least 40 years old. Things are oddly laid out (at least I think so) and the cabinets are crumbling apart inside. After being in this house for 9 + years, I do believe it is well past time to get things up to par.

See pictures of the kitchen as it is now. Since the dining room also has issues and flows directly from the kitchen we are doing it as well.

Work is scheduled to begin the Monday after Thanksgiving. Am I insane or what?

Back to drawing character sheets for the new book. Ta! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Kitchen renovation – the Saga begins”

  1. OH, I don’t have a kitchen of my own to renovate, but I am a huge HGTV fan and love seeing the changes people make when they do a remodel. Do keep taking pics!!!!

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