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Happy Holidays Doodle 12-17


There comes a time when I wonder if anybody is actually reading this blog. It’s so hard to tell when so few leave comments. I am busting my butt to get interviews with accomplished illustrators. The spend their time answering the questions and supplying me with their art for the blog, I spend my time making it all come together. And then I send it off into cyberspace hoping people read it. Did they like it? Did they find it informative and enjoyable? Is there any point to me nagging other busy artists to answer questions and share art? I am sure I am not the only blogger who has these misgivings. I just wish there was a better way of knowing if I am having any impact aside from the occasional comment.

Getting a comment is like a getting a new shiny wrapped gift. I don’t know what is inside, but I cannot wait to find out. Most of the time I am thrilled with what’s inside the little comment wrapper of my email. I guess I am like many other creatives, or any blogger for that matter. A comment on one of my posts telling me I am making a difference in some one’s life makes my day. A lot. In a big way.

So if you enjoy the daily doodles, the advice on illustration and the artist interviews, please tell me! I do my best to answer the comments and if the comment maker has a blog, I visit and return the favor by commenting there. Sometimes I find places I want to visit again and again. Like I hope their writers are doing with my blog.

I am really missing my kitchen right now. So the doodle for today was cookies. They will be the only ones I will be making this season. Until I have a kitchen again, there will be no cookies for me.

Work on the kitchen is proceeding. Today the last of the drywall was hung. Tomorrow the men will lay on the first layer of mud and tape. Monday they will do the second layer and Tuesday the floor expert will come in to sand and patch the hardwood floor which is in surprisingly good condition considering the history of the house and all the layers of other floor it was buried beneath. After the dust has settled, I get to paint. Looks like that is what I will be doing the holiday weekend. At least the paint is green. In keeping with the spirit of the season. Not tree green, more a pale muted dusty green, but green none-the-less. I was going to take pictures of naked drywall, but I need to buy new batteries for my camera and I will have to wait until after the holiday madness subsides. I went grocery shopping in the middle of the day today and had to circle the parking lot several times before I could even find a space for the car. I’m digging in and hiding out for the duration!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Doodle 12-17”

  1. Wendy:

    Don’t let the lack of comments get you down. I’m in the same boat. It’s a long work in progress from what I’m told. “If you write it…. they will post…”

    Haven’t forgotten your request either. Several pots on the stove right now.

    Merry Christmas
    Marty ( Martytoons)

  2. Just came across your site for the first time, Wendy, so haven’t really had an opportunity to check out your posts. Looking forward to it, though, as I like what I see!

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