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Daily Doodle 12-18

We went to my grand daughter’s piano recital last night. She is very sweet and really enjoys the musical instrument. She’ll play when ever she can. Sadly, some of the other students didn’t seem to have the same ideal. The stops and starts through out the performances were painful to observe. It was nice to spend an uninterrupted hour and a half sitting next to my hubby and the grandson and daughter.

Mudding and taping on the drywall began yesterday. The floor guy will come in when that is done. It looks like I get to paint primer on all the drywall next weekend after the mud is dry and sanded and before the floor guy comes. Then over the New Year’s weekend I can put the color on the walls. Since it will be a three day weekend, I am considering getting some stencils and jazzing up the walls in the dining room with something fancy. We’ll see how ambitious I am feeling after the floor guy does his bit. Also, how far along I am on the final pencils for my newest picture book.

The full size pencil stage always takes the longest to finish, the little changes and back and forth for approval can eat up days. I got approval on the final image thumbnail for the cover. I can’t wait till I get to lay in color. That is always the most fun part for me.

My husband has proclaimed eating out has gotten old. I am attempting to make meatballs for spaghetti in the crock pot! So far it smells good. I plan to “boil” the noodles in the microwave. Wish me luck. I have a feeling I am going to really need it to pull off a home-cooked meal without a stove! LOL

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