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Daily Doodle 12-22

You may have noticed a distinct lack of daily daily doodles. Between the kitchen renovation, the holiday festivities and having a book art deadline looming I find myself in a place where something had to give. Since the point of daily doodles is to make sure I draw everyday, no matter what, and I am busy on “real” art for the upcoming book. The doodles have been relegated to the back burner. (Kitchen pun intended.)

I will post rather sporadically over the next couple of months as the final push for the book art is in full throttle. No matter how well I plan time in advance of my deadlines, it seems as if there is always something to throw a monkey wrench into the works. At least I am getting better at forging forward when said wrench appears to muck up the works.

I recently received a copy (free – in exchange for my feedback and editing help) of Tara Reed’s Goal Wheel for Artists. She is a friend of mine who licenses art internationally and uses her marketing know how to help other creatives get a foot in. I was able to read through her very well crafted goal setting guide and use the knowledge gleaned from it in the production of my book art. I highly recommend the e-book download to other illustrators and writers who have trouble breaking down their goals and projects into do-able bites. Thanks Tara, you totally rock!

My drafting table is growling at me so I had better go and sharpen those pencils, kneed those erasers and make magic on paper. I’ll see you when I see you. Good energy and thoughts for deep creative well springs and accomplishment are always welcome and appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Doodle 12-22”

    • I find I needed help in getting the goals defined. Your e-book helped make it easier to translate that in my artist’s brain. A prosperous and successful 2010!

  1. Hi Wendy! Just came across your site thru a posting on FB by Tara Reed! What a find! Thanks so much for hours of reading fun! And many more – since you have lots of archives to traipse through! hehe I’m off to check out some more! Take Care & Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks so much, Sue. I hope you’ll be back again soon. I love getting feedback from my readers. Happy Holidays to you, too.

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