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Entering the homestretch – MangaStudio EX

copyright 2010 Wendy Martin
Almost done!

While I was waiting for the disaster that was my afternoon to happen, I had a few hours to work on my Snow White piece.

I lightened up the background and replaced the skirt color and texture. The flat color for the stone house is laid in and I made a little garden of flowers along the base of the house to break up the wide expanse of tan.

The texture in both the sweater and the skirt are default pattern brushes. So are the flowers.

Tomorrow, I plan on detailing the skirt, adding color and depth to the house and working on the slate walking stones. If I have time, I will finish the basket and apples as well. I have decided to lay in the text in Illustrator so I can get this puppy out the door.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with the capabilities of MangaStudio EX in the raster format. My next trail image will be done in the vector format as soon as I figure out how to find the tools. 😉

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