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Daily Doodles for March 9 & 10

I’ve been immersed in creating art for the last several weeks. I have found that it is very difficult for me to switch between the visual creative jobs and the written creative ones. You may have noticed a distinct lack of wordy posts lately. This is most likely why.

I would love to be able to come up with witty and clever daily posts, but my brain is stuck in color choices mode! I even dream of coming up with a new and wonderful shade of color no one has ever painted before.

I know that’s silly. I am not responsible for my sub conscience’s disconnect from reality. My dreams are usually some variety of bizarre. Coming up with a new color is actually pretty tame on the scale.

My daily habit is not to look at news until the work day is done. Sometimes world events are so big, I become aware of them in spite of this self imposed isolation. My thoughts and prayers for safe energies are going out to all affected by the huge earthquake and resultant tsunami originating from Japan today. I have not heard from all my Japanese friends yet, but several have let me know they are safe for the moment.

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