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Weekly coloring page: Elves playing marbles

Illustration Friday: Launch

This is my entry for Illustration Friday this week. The prompt is LAUNCH.

Another illustrator friend has turned me onto a watercolor technique for Photoshop. I’ve spent the better part of an afternoon learning the tools. I am using my own coloring page to become familiar with the style/media.

I’m still not happy with the brushes (Photoshop) since they don’t work the same way as my favorite traditional media sable brushes. But the texture and washes are close to what I would see in a real painting. I’m still hunting for something to mimic the blooms I get working wet-on-wet, but this technique is the closest I’ve seen so far.

I’ll post my colored version in a few days, when it’s done. I’d love to see your colored images. If you send me a scanned file of less than a meg, I’ll put it up on the blog, too.

Happy Coloring!

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