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Too hot to handle – a ghostly coloring page

copyright 2011 wendy martin ghost coloring pageOne week left before Halloween.

What’s scary to me this week is how much work I’ve got coming up in November.

A lot of it has to do with actually finishing things I started at the beginning of the year. With a little over 60 days left, that doesn’t leave much wiggle room.

I’ve decided not to do National Novel Writing Month again this year. The very idea of any book 50,000 words long makes me shiver. Trying to write that many words in a holiday month is tatamount to insane. So, no new novel for me.

However, I have not let myself off scott free for November. There is another challenge called Picture Book Idea Month, where participants come up with 30 picture book ideas in the 30 days of November. I’ve done this challenge the last two years and “won.” In addition to being a participant this year, I will also be a guest blogger. My post will be online on November 14. In it, I will talk about the picture book challenge and give away a finish signed, original painting created just for the event.

And, as an off shoot to this, several of my writer friends and I are working toward having November designated as a worldwide celebration of picture book and literacy. The web site is almost live. I will send out more detailed information as soon as it’s available.

There are several other personal book related projects in the works, and I opened an Etsy shop last month. I sell Hardened Leather Masks, Amigurumi Plushies and an assortment of beaded items. I’ll be adding quilts of my own designs soon.

Have a wonderful week.

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