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Squirrels hibernating coloring page


squirrels coloring page copyright 2011 Wendy Martin I love watching squirrels play tag in the back yard. They seem to delight in the game in spite of the encroaching winter heralded by blasts of chilly winds.

Usually, when I come out the house, they see me and scamper willy-nilly in all directions to escape my presence.


This weekend, I left the house to run to the post office before it closed. On the air conditioning unit, about 5 feet from the door, sat a squirrel completely absorbed by the acorn he was consuming. The door clicked shut, and the squirrel dropped his acorn and leaped from the unit.

I assumed he would run away from me and walked toward the steps on the end of the porch only to come face-to-face with a very startled squirrel. I was pretty startled myself and stepped backwards. The squirrel scrabbled off the trash can onto the chimney, bring him even closer to my face. I’ve never looked a squirrel in the eye before, and am not interested in doing so again.

I think the squirrel had the same kind of thoughts as it scolded me as it climbed up the chimney and onto the roof. He continued scolding as I made my way to the car, and I could hear him still as I drove off.

Today’s coloring page is a pair of squirrels. Silent in their cuddling hibernation, they will be scolding no one for a while.

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This week’s prompt from http://illustrationfriday.com/ is Silent.

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3 thoughts on “Squirrels hibernating coloring page”

  1. Very adorable! They look so cozy and happy, dreaming happy squirrel dreams. I like the circle of whirligig pods (I don’t know what those are actually called!) Great job!

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