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Earth Day is April 22 – here’s a coloring page for you

earth day 2012 coloring page by wendy martinI’ve been keeping myself entertained by listening to the various TED talks while I draw. Some of them are very good information, some are just fun and silly. Last week, I listened to one talk about the other “inconvenient truth.” (No, not global warming, although after this past winter and record-breaking warm March, I wonder how any one can still doubt that.) What’s that you say?

According to the speaker, Jonathan Foley, we are going to run out of food for the population of earth in a very short while. Possibly as soon as our children’s lifetimes, most assuredly by their children’s lifetimes. That’s a pretty scary thought. Jonathan Foley studies complex environmental systems and their effects on society. His computer models have shown the deep impact agriculture is having on our planet.

This week’s coloring page is a brave mouse holding up the world. What are you doing to support Mother Earth?

Click on the image to get your 8.5X11 download coloring page.

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