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Avengers for Mother’s Day, plus a coloring page

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This weekend was just glorious.

I feel only a tad guilty that I spent nearly all of it just puttering around and not creating more art, but there has to be some time in the schedule for recharging the creative juices.

Saturday was a seasonal sunny day. Husband and I spent the morning doing assorted chores.

I made a run to the bank after which I went to Main Street to check out a new health and vitamin store that recently opened in one of the vacant store fronts.

My intention was only to peek inside and see what they had. So much for intentions. They had fresh walnuts with no oils on them, and a huge bag of candied ginger root. I bought both. The shop keep was thrilled I’d stopped in and talked my ear off about everything under the sun.

When I finally made my escape, I headed south to the Quilt Shop. I’ve been meaning to do this since my birthday several weeks ago, but deadlines ate me alive and I just couldn’t get to the store. Lucky for me, they’d just received a shipment of the very item I was on the hunt for. I am now the proud owner of a freehand quilting foot. Maybe with the proper tools now, I will be able to finish the queen-sized “Stack and Whack” quilt I’ve been working on for the last 10 years. I’m making it for the master bedroom.

Sunday, was Mother’s Day. And The husband and kid took me to see the Avengers. It was quite enjoyable. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to stay through ALL the credits. There is a scene at the very, very end that is worth a chuckle.

This week’s coloring page was inspired by the recent movie outing. A cat with a very generous tub of popcorn. (Our local theater uses paper bags now, instead of the iconic wax-coated tubs.)

Click on the image to get your 8.5X11 download coloring page.

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