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IMC Day 2 Progress on Tristan and Isolde

I had my sketch review first thing yesterday after the morning lecture. While the teachers found my concept to be solid and well conceived, they thought the composition was fighting within itself with no clear focus. They thought I should actually play up the symmetry of the Art Nouveau style and said that they envisioned my final piece as looking like a tarot card.

So my piece has moved from being a literal interpretation of Isolde’s dream to something pulling more of the symbolism into the illustration.

This is as far as I got yesterday. I am having a bit of a learning curve getting used to my borrowed PC and being in an environment where all the desks and chairs are made for taller people and I can’t adjust for that. My poor back and shoulders were screaming at me by midnight.

IMC progress Sunday Am

I am at a stand still now while I wait for my turn at the photo shoot to get reference for my Tristan and Isolde.

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