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IMC Day 4 Progress on Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and isolde line art IMCI think the 20 hour days are starting to catch up to me. I went to bed close to 2 am last night (or this morning if you want to be technical) and was up by 7. I’m dragging a bit this morning.

I made a lot of progress yesterday and am ready to being my color studies to work out lighting and palette. The line art is complete except for the detailing on Tristan’s waist band and Isolde’s collar.

I managed to finally find a somewhat comfortable position to work in although I’m sure it looks pretty bizarre to anyone looking at me.

Yesterday one of the instructor artists invited me to work on character development for an upcoming movie he is working on. (He also asked about 20 others!) It seems like fun, even though doing straight sci-fi imagery is a bit out of my comfort zone. I’m excited about starting that once I return home. In the mean time I’m mulling over character traits and personality for the character sheets for the creature.

More update tomorrow, which will hopefully include more than a first wash! Send energy, coffee and chocolate chip cookies.

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    • Thanks. Not sure how many more 20 hour days I can handle before I crash and burn. Coke is my friend.

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