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IMC Day 6 Progress Afraid of the dark

tristan and islode progressStill working on the color. I’ve laid in basic washes and midtones and am working on my values now.

This is the place in nearly every painting that I struggle. I’m afraid of the dark.

I spent a long time with several of the instructors with them in the driver’s seat showing me their techniques on achieving form and value. While both of them had a lot of advice on how to get to where I want to get, I still have to translate their style of working into the equivalent end in my style. It’s a plateau I’ve on for a while and one I hoped to find the way off of this week.

I’ve only just started with the darker values in the sample to the left. I think the bright values on the sword are great, but I need to pull the glowing feel into the fronts of the figures. This will be easier to do once the backs of the figures have some deep darks. I just have to grin and bear it as I find myself lightening everything when I put it down. The painting just looks “wrong” and I keep trying to adjust it to make it “right.” And in the process, I kill my value range every time.

I had an embarrassing fan-girl moment last night when Adam Rex came around to view the students’ WIP. And witnesses. I think I may hide in the corners today.

Adam was very complimentary of my work. In fact, when I first pulled my web site up to show him, he commented that he’d seen my work before and was familiar with it. (Warm fuzzy moment.) His comment to me was I need to work on my values. Yep. I don’t need a brick to the head.

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