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The Wheat Man is here!

Lammas green manThe first harvest festival of the season is this week.

Sadly, because of the drought and extreme temperatures we’ve had this spring and summer, many crops are doing poorly or failing all together. The newscasters report that most of the corn and a large portion of the soy crops have been affected.

We did have a nice soaking rain Sunday morning, but not nearly enough to rise the water tables. We could use a week-long, gentle, soaking rain. At least we got a break in the temperatures.

Lammas (also called Loafmass, or Lughnasadh) celebrates the wheat harvest. The coloring page this week is a Green Man made of wheat sheaves. (or maybe a Golden Man since that’s the color of ripe grain!)

Click on the image to get your 8.5X11 coloring page download.

I love to hear from you. Emails, comments and your colored pages make my day. Email your colored image (less than 1mb) to coloringpage (at) handcraftedpagan (dot) com and I’ll post it to my blog!

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