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Late summer fun coloring page

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Tire Swing coloring page by wendy martin

The coloring page this week is a girl swinging in her tire swing.

Click on the image to get your 8.5X11 coloring page download.

The back-to-school ads and sales have already begun.

Last weekend was the Missouri tax-free shopping weekend. A lot of stores ran specials to coincide with the tax holiday, but I decided to skip it this year. I don’t do crowds well. Also, now that my youngest is heading into college, the school supply shopping spree is no longer among my parental responsibilities. A working laptop, however, is. Her old one went caflooie last week, not even the dreaded blue screen of death. It doesn’t even get that far.

I remember when having a computer, any computer, was something other people did. Now, having a computer seems to be a college requirement. Even the least expensive option adds up (dollar wise) to a heap more than a pile of notebooks and pens and pencils.

My last summer before college was spent lazing around in the woods behind my parent’s house, meandering around town or sneaking out a pal’s parents’ boat for a day floating in the LI Sound pretending to catch fish. Those activities describe most of my summers from Jr. High on. My friends and I were out-of-doors even on the hottest or rainiest of days. During my errand runs around town, it’s unusual to see more than a handful of children doing anything, anywhere. I wonder where they are and what they are doing to while away the long summer days.

The coloring page this week is a girl swinging in her backyard tire swing. All you needed was an old car tire, length of rope and a sturdy tree limb.

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