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Weekly Picture book reads 10-20-12


Pirate For Hire: Does a pirate have to be terrifying, dirty and have a parrot? Backbeard doesn’t think so. A very funny twist on the ever popular pirate book.

Extra Yarn: This is a quiet book with a feel good theme. The art is simple yet fits the text perfectly.

The Universe of Fair: A lower middle grade book with illustrations throughout. Very well written, but the story line was like watching a train wreck. I enjoyed it.

Clever Jack Takes the Cake: Poor boy gets invited to the castle for the princess’ birthday party.

Amy’s Light: Bedtime story featuring fireflies. Worth looking at for the photo manipulated art.

Slither Slide, What’s Outside?: Rhyming winter time play story. I liked the art.

The Butter Man: An interesting peek at Moroccan rural culture.

The Runaway Dinner: Not sure what’s up with this title, both the story and the art style left me cold. Had to force myself to finish it.

Bear Has A Story to Tell: I feel as if I may have read this before but can’t remember. Simple art that has a wealth of detail.

Wiggle and Waggle: A fiction/non fiction book about earthworms. Husband saw the cover and wanted to know which worm was which. It becomes clear about halfway through the book. Amusing story in beginning reader chapter book form.


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