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Solstice Coloring Page

Mid summer is in a few short weeks. The days are getting longer and come the 21st the wheel turns back again as the days get shorter.

The veggies in the garden are growing gangbusters and are much happier with all the rain we had this year, as opposed to the crippling drought of last year. Here, along the Mississippi, there have been levies breached and roads closed because of the record rainfall this past week. Our town’s high school football field was under water in less than 3 hours when one of the local levies failed.

This week it’s a rabbit in a Solstice Coloring Page

Solstice Coloring PageClick on the image to get your 8.5X11 coloring page download.

I love to hear from you. Emails, comments and your colored pages make my day. Email your colored image (less than 1mb) to coloringpage (at) handcraftedpagan (dot) com and I’ll post it to my blog!

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