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Work in progress – Mermaid: Spirit of Water

Mermaid - wip - wendy martin illustrationThis mermaid is a personal piece I’m doing. It’s all vector. I’ve started laying color on the face first since the eyes are where the personality of an image anchors.. The entire image is about 58X30 inches. It will take me a while to finish at this size, which is necessary to get the depth of detail I want.

The mermaid is targeted outside of the #kidlit #illustration genre. I miss working with adult imagery, so I decided to do some pieces just because it would make me happy. No better reason than that, is there?

I do love working in vector and the very graphic look I can achieve. Mucha is my inspiration in this piece.

I’m doing a series of 5 – this one being the first. This is entitled “Spirit of Water.” There will be Fire, Earth, Air and Soul, as well. This one (water) is female, earth shall be feminine, too. Fire and air will be male. Soul will be androgynous. I think soul will be the most challenging since I don’t want the figure to be too masculine or feminine and that will be very difficult to achieve.


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