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Frankenchicken coloring page

A spook-a-lisous FrankenChicken coloring page

Frankenchicken coloring pageWe’re heading toward the end of October now. I thought it was time for a silly spooky coloring page. Here’s a Frankenchicken coloring page for your coloring delight.

Click on the Frankenchicken coloring page image at the left to download your copy of the spook-a-lisous coloring page. New coloring pages are posted once a week on Monday afternoons.

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Watchers October SaleA spooky book for their October sale!

Who’s hiding in corners and watching in the dark? A trap is set and our hero receives a big surprise when the watchers are finally captured.

Something is watching Thomas as he’s sleeping. He decides that he will discover who is frightening him and hatches a plan to catch them in a trap. The story goes from spooky to secure when Thomas discovers who he has captured.

A bouncing bedtime tale your kids are sure to request again and again even after they know the secret.

“W. Lyon Martin’s new illustrated children’s book Watchers is a charming bedtime story for anyone who believes in a little magic and wants to share some fairy dust with their children.

The story, based upon her friend Kelley’s childhood nighttime prayer, is a wonderful affirmation of protection and love by residents of the magical world. It addresses the issue of children’s bedtime anxiety in a positive and comforting way, with a reassuring message at the end.” — Mickey Mueller – Illustrator The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path tarot decks

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Did You Know…
I create my coloring pages for teachers, librarians, booksellers, and parents to enjoy with their children, but also to let the public know about my children’s books. I hope you’ll take a moment to check them out and spread the word! Word of mouth is the best advertising I can get, so I’m counting on YOU! Please visit my fan page to see what you can do to help support my efforts and assist me to spread the word about my kid’s books. I thank you for your support! My fans are the best.

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