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Two openings in an established #kidlitart crit group

The Kid Lit Art Crit Group has 2 openings for new members.

We are a group of already published illustrators who have been working at kidlit art for a number of years. Our members have come from all over the U.S., Canada and even Europe. Our group has been consistently meeting for over 4 years. Over the years our members have gone on to get agents, win awards and been published by major publishers. Our catch phrase is “aiming for awesome.”

We meet weekly, on-line, on Wednesday afternoons, with meetings lasting between an hour or two. Between meetings we post works in progress on a private, member only blog.

If you think you have what it takes to aim for awesome, read on.

If you are a published illustrator or illustrator/author willing to commit to a weekly meeting on Wednesday afternoons please let us know of your interest by either posting a comment below or use the contact form http://www.wendymartinillustration.com/about-the-artist/contact-me/ Please answer the below items:

1. What is the URL of your web site?
2. Do you have an art focused blog?
3. Where has your work been published?
4. Are you pursuing art as a major source of income?
5. Have you been a member of any critique group before? Why did you leave?
6. What do you hope to gain as a member of our group?
7. What do you hope to contribute as a member of our group?
8. How long have you been pursuing a career as a kidlit artist?
9. Is there anything not covered above that you feel is relevant to joining an established critique group?

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