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Just for fun some re-imagined clothing

On some nights, after an 8 -10 hour day sitting and drawing, I need to do something else to decompress.

I like to re-imagined clothing from items in my closet that for one reason or another I rarely wear.

This re-imagined clothing was a plain denim jacket. It was, in a word, boring. So I embroidered it with an Art Nouveau fox pattern I downloaded for a $1. I still want to change the jacket silhouette with a peplum at the waist and shorten the sleeves because right now the cuffs extend past my finger tips.

re-imagined clothing jean jacket

Next project is taking these 2 shirts and making them into the best of both.

before re-imagined clothing

You may be thinking, “What’s wrong with those shirts?”

On the surface, nothing. In fact, I love the long-sleeved T. Only it’s too short and I’m constantly pulling it down, and it refuses to stay tucked in no matter what I try. The purple patterned shirt looks wonderful on the hanger, but on me, not so much. So every time I take it out to wear it, I put it on only to remove it and hang it back up. So it is badly neglected.

The plan is to undo the hem and neck binding on the solid shirt, remove the collar and sleeve decorations from the patterned shirt and place them on the corresponding areas. Then, I’ll cut part of the lower end of the patterned shirt off, and attach it to the bottom of the solid shirt. I may add a bit of trim along the body of the solid area, depending on how badly the unfolded hem looks. Stop back in a few days to see the after pics.

Maybe I’m procrastinating a little on my book art, but I’ve been working on it steadily for 4 hours today. It’s Sunday and I deserve a bit of a break. Don’t you agree?

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