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Lunchtime doodling faces

I’ve been substitute teaching for a little over a month now. After one particularly long day as basically a study hall monitor for seniors at the high school, I started bringing my sketchbook with me. Some lunchtime doodling from last week:

lunchtime doodling

Since that long day, I have been back to teaching the younger grades, mostly 1st and 2nd graders. Kids that age take my full attention and leave me pretty drained by the end of the day. During my 20 minute breaks for lunch, after eating, I’ve done a little lunchtime doodling.

It has made me realize how stiff and out of practice I’ve gotten since I got out of my morning warm-up doodling habit.

Recently I came across a youtube channel boasting “life” drawing sessions. I need to make this a regular part of my artistic exercises. I put the word life in quotes because, even if the model is live, the screen is still a 2 dimensional image. Nothing can replace the actual drawing from life. But, I’m hopeful that this will become a workable alternative for my need to practice accurate anatomy. (https://www.youtube.com/user/onairvideo/videos)

Leave a comment on what you do for your anatomy practice.

Inktober drawings 7 and 8

I got late start with my Inktober drawings. Family stuff and the last of 3 weekend conventions in a row. Brain went into overload and in my down time, I slept.

Back in the studio now. The last push for my pencil sketches for the book under contract are top priority. Their deadline is just around the corner. Luckily, I passed the halfway mark before the conventions and life stuff interrupted my carefully plotted schedule.

A week late to the Inktober challenge, but it still counts. It’s October and they are in ink. I’m using a Sharpie extra fine point. The bleed is pretty strong though, so getting a very fine line in the sketchbook isn’t happening. I may switch to a Copic marker later on, but speed was the determining factor this week.

Here’s my Inktober for the 7th and 8th. I’ve decided to work all the sketches with the same character face in mind. Not being very particular on the consistency but focusing more on just having some fun and warming up for my paying client work.

Inktober 10-7-14 Inktober 10-8-14

I’ll  be taking on new mentoring students as of October 20th. I have 2 openings left. Shoot me an email if you want to grab your spot before they are all filled.

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